Office Impart
Waldenserstr. 2–4
10551 Berlin – Mitte
Accessible to wheelchairs
Free admission
Office Impart
Opening / Vernissage
Salomé Chatriot
Under Her Gaze, We Empty Ourselves and Accelerate the Hatching

In 3D universes that morph into chimeric landscapes, Salomé Chatriot translates her fascination for the machine as an organ into new, sensual anatomies of an industrial nature. Using a special manufacturing process based on digital image fragments, she transforms phantasmagorical compositions into symbiotic beings. As a result, fragmented images of multiform organisms appear on shiny Plexiglas panels that mirror the exhibition’s visitors, integrating the physical environment into Chatriot’s imaginary compositions. 

In her work, the artist combines metallic, plastic and milky surfaces in such a way that the sensuality of the materials remains inseparable from the epidermis of her ‘female machines’. Chatriot challenges conventional photographic depiction and prevailing modes of representation, proposing instead an expanded vision of reality. Operating on this idea of ​​a ‘new reality’, her work describes ‘the contours of a future era of art in which material and virtual creations live and interact harmoniously’. (Matthieu Jacquet, Numéro Art, July 2021)