EMOP Special c/o Kant Kino
Kantstraße 54
10627 Berlin
Admission 12.00 €
EMOP Special
Talk / Lecture
Ulrike Ottinger: Bildnis einer Trinkerin

Germany 1979, 35mm, colour, 107 min

She, a woman of exquisite beauty, of classical dignity and harmonious Raphaelesque proportions, a woman, created like no other to be Medea, Madonna, Beatrice, Iphigenia, Aspasia, decided one sunny winter day to leave La Rotond. She purchased a ticket of no return to Berlin-Tegel. She wanted to forget her past, or rather to abandon it like a condemned house. She wanted to concentrate all her energies on one thing, something all her own: to follow her own destiny at last was her only desire. With an advertising brochure to aid her [...] she resolved to prepare something of a drinking schedule. The brochure’s exhaustive description of a sightseeing tour was her guide, offering her invaluable assistance. Berlin, a city in which she was a complete stranger, seemed just the place to indulge her passion undisturbed. Her passion was alcohol, she lived to drink and drank to live, the life of a drunkard. The time was ripe to put her plans into action.

The film will be screened within the supporting programme for the Touch: Politics of Touch anniversary exhibition at the Amtsalon, Kantstraße 79, where Ulrike Ottinger will be showing archive materials and photographs from the film.

Politics of Touch