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GEDOK Berlin
24.02.2023 7pm
Touch 0.2.3
Heike Franziska Bartsch, Dagmar Berg, Christine Sophie Bloess, Marion Luise Buchmann, Aenne Burghardt, Karin Dammers, Marula Di Como, Anne Dreiss, Chris Firchow, Silke Konschak, Petra Lehnardt-Olm, Annette Rischer-Spalink, Renate Schweizer, Miriam Tamayo, Paolo Telesca, Sonia Wohlfahrt Steinert

Physical isolation was used as a measure to contain the pandemic; the psychological isolation it led to and the effects it left behind are becoming apparent in visible, tangible ways. Photography makes it possible to broaden both personal and collective perception. The artists featured in the exhibition Touch 0.2.3 have each found their own individual visual language with which they ‘touch’ both themselves and, when possible, the viewer – on the inside and out. 

Being touched is a fundamental need that encompasses all other human senses well beyond the sense of touch. The extent to which someone allows themselves to be touched, particularly through photography, depends on how photographers and viewers find one another, among other things. By means of photography, they can move beyond themselves and learn from each other – for whatever is yet to come.