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2.03.2023 6pm
Daniel & Geo Fuchs
Nature & Destruction
Daniel & Geo Fuchs

Nature & Destruction is the latest series by Daniel & Geo Fuchs. The works address the opposing forces of aesthetics and destruction and are intended to touch the viewer and instigate a closer exploration. 

Nature, as the artist couple portrays it, seems to be the perfect answer to everything humans interpret into it and hope to gain from it: beauty and the provider of all resources and strength. During the pandemic, many people were driven into natural surroundings in order to avoid being touched – even while longing for closeness and a sense of emotional connection. Yet at the same time, humans are increasingly confronted with the destruction of nature caused by their own relentless intervention.

For the most part, the Fuchs’s images were made with a camera robot developed by Google and NASA for the Mars mission that merges a large number of images into a single whole. The result is an unbelievable wealth of detail that intensifies the viewer’s perception.