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Galerie Pankow
31.01.2023 7pm
Gabriele Stötzer
Gabriele Stötzer

Since the late 1970s, the artist Gabriele Stötzer has been pursuing artistic self-exploration, often in the face of cultural, social and political resistance.

Stötzer’s works, which employ photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, textile, performance, film, text and fashion objects, were not only directed against the policy of the former GDR, which attempted to negate any form of individuality; they also resisted heteronormative role models and other social norms. The focus of her works has always been on the female body, which resisted notions of the masculine and posited a subversive counter-image to state and social guidelines both provocatively and demandingly.

The exhibition in the Pankow Gallery presents Stötzer’s photographic portrayals of the self and the body as well as the original manuscripts from the years 1981 to 1984.