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pavlov's dog
2.03.2023 7pm
Behind the Walls
Baumgart & Ina Schoof, Verena Brüning, Lena Burmann, Sandra Buschow, Janine Graubaum, Lina Grün, Sonja Hofmann, Meike Kenn, Kathrin Leisch, Britta Leuermann, Rosa Merk, Anne Moldenhauer, Daniela Müller-Brunke, Sonja Müller, Katja Ruge, Studio Likeness (Julia Classen & Magdalena Lepka), Julia Marie Werner, Scarlett Werth, Paula Winkler, Julia Zoooi

In the exhibition Hinter den Wänden (Behind the Walls), 21 women photographers from the Herspective Collective examine the invisible and sometimes inconspicuous.

Various questions formed the departure point for project: who owns the city? Who else is living in my building? What stories do my neighbours have to tell? What does happiness look like? One of the triggers for the exhibition idea was the pandemic, with the effects it’s had on society and the individual. Space has played a special role throughout – while public spaces remained empty, private space became the focal point. The photographers embarked on voyages of discovery, and now, on the occasion of EMOP Berlin 2023, they present their newly conceived images and series. 

21 different approaches and interpretations invite the viewer to compare ideas and try to fathom what lies behind the walls – because the medium of photography always becomes exciting and special when it poses questions the answers to which it doesn’t already know.