Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen 1867 e.V. c/o Haus Kunst Mitte
Heidestraße 54
10557 Berlin – Mitte
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Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen 1867 e.V.
3.03.2023 5pm
Induction Loop
Susanne Ahner, Murshida Arzu Alpana, Bettina Cohnen, Daniela Fromberg, Harriet Groß, INGARTAN, Friederike Klotz, Mara Loytved-Hardegg, Elisabeth Masé, Cornelia Renz, Nadja Siegl, Anja Teske, Gisela Weimann & Ingeborg Gerdes

Artists from the Verein der Berliner Künstlerinnen 1867 (VdBK) present photographic interpretations of encounters that transcend cultural and temporal boundaries. Their use of photography encompasses a multiplicity of media and genres and addresses the ways in which people, things and life plans come together. Every encounter or touch is an invitation to reflect on the self; each form of contact facilitates the emergence of something new. From the touchscreen’s various combinations of image and text to sculptural photographic works, photographs reworked through the addition of drawing and painting, and the use of digital and analogue (pinhole) cameras, a common denominator emerges connecting all these different artistic approaches. 

Since 1867, the VdBK has been a place of encounter, networking and exchange for Berlin-based women artists of different nationalities. With the exhibition Kontaktschleife at the new Haus Kunst Mitte, the VdBK spotlights the medium of photography.