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Female Photoclub e.V. c/o Alte Münze
16.03.2023 6pm
Look at Me Now
An Exhibition of the Female Photoclub Berlin
Anne Barth, Cherie Birkner, Natalia Carstens, Chiara Dazi, Samantha Dietmar, Marlene Gawrisch, Veronika Hubert Natter, Nancy Jesse, Isabell Kessler, Victoria Kämpfe, Tabea Mathern, Silke Mayer, Delphine Millet, Debora Ruppert, Gudrun Senger, Saskia Uppenkamp, Mimi Vollgraf, Viviane Wild, Mirja Zentgraf, Suzanne de Carrasco

The exhibition Look at Me Now brings together various positions by women photographers of Berlin’s Female Photoclub who each address the present (the now) in their own way. The spectrum ranges from the martial art of jiujitsu and the decision to live off the grid to a personal coming to terms with illness. The concept of ‘touch’ is ever-present, both literally and figuratively: in the intense physical contact of sports or an inability to let go of events and circumstances that have left their mark on our lives.

The exhibition posits a counterpoint to a world changing at breakneck speed. It takes a step back and enables us to pause for a moment and take a deep breath. In the end, looking at each of these very personal works, visitors experience not only the now of the individual photographers, but also the broadness of spectrum in this Berlin-based group.