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Raum für drastische Maßnahmen
1.03.2023 7pm
Social Justice / Part 1
Susanne Keichel

In her three-part work Soziale Gerechtigkeit (Social Justice), Susanne Keichel approaches the topic of social (in)equality through the overlapping fields of education, social background and work. These three areas form an orbit that is difficult to leave: a certain origin is usually followed by a certain educational path and finally by certain jobs.

The photo series Soziale Gerechtigkeit / Teil 1 Schule (Social Justice / Part 1 School) addresses the institution of the school as a central arena for social inequality. The starting point is Susanne Keichel's own biography, as well as her observations and experiences made while working at a high school. Over a period of three years – also during the school closures in the course of the Corona pandemic lockdown – Keichel accompanied her students with her camera. Through still lives, fragments, and indirect portraits, she observed their behavior in the school habitat. The work provides an insight into the German educational system, which reproduces social hierarchies instead of enabling equal opportunities.