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3.03.2023 6pm
A BFF Production Chain on the Subject of Touch
Manu Agah, Jürgen Altmann, Caspar Arnhold, Stefanie Aumiller, Thomas Billhardt, Bert Brüggemann, Dominik Butzmann, Rui Camilo, Suzanne Caroline de Carrasco, Arina Dähnick, Klaus Einwanger, Engel S, Jens Erbeck, Guntram Gerst, Finnegan Koichi Godenschweger, Tobias Habermann, Ilan Hamra, Jost Hiller, Stefan Hobmaier, Thomas Hoepker, Steffen Hofemann, Christian Höhn, Peter Hönnemann, Axl Jansen, Lucia Jost, Christian Klant, Monika Kluza, Herlinde Koelbl, Sascha Kraus, Matthias Krüger, Maximilian König, Klaus Lange, Lars Langemeier, Alexandra Lehner, Stephan Lucius Lemke, Manja Liebrucks, Catherine Lieser, Frank Linders, Gerhard Linnekogel, Michael Meisen, Klaus Mellenthin, Florian W. Mueller, Jens Oellermann, Bernd Opitz, Simon Pauly, Philipp Rathmer, Manfred Rave, Jörg Rothhaar, Claus Rudolph, Walter Schels, Eike Schleef, Götz Schleser, J. Konrad Schmidt, Michael Schnabel, Per Schorn, Christoph Siegert, Gerd Spreng, Jörg Steck, Wolf-Peter Steinheisser, Frank Stöckel, Sabine von Bassewitz

For 54 years, the Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Film Designers (BFF) has stood for outstanding commercial photography. Its members see themselves primarily as image creators; they make no distinction between advertising and art. What once began as an editorial or advertising assignment often finds its way into museums and galleries. For the exhibition Touché – A BFF Production Chain on the Subject of Touch, this strength is implemented methodically by bringing together free and applied photography: the 61 participating BFF photographers form a production chain in which each link refers to the previous work and finds its own approach to the topic. From honorary member to BFF junior, all members share a passionate pursuit of the optimal image. Thus, already in the development process, the exhibition theme entails a constructive cohesion and a touching upon various positions and visual languages.