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Eschenstr. 4
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Also open at 8 MAR 2023: 12—7pm
The exhibition will be closed on 21 & 22 MAR 2023 for a workshop.

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KUNSTWILD Projektraum für Fotografie
4.03.2023 7pm
Interventions in the Photographic Surface
Silke Helmerdig, Stefanos Pavlakis, Jens Schünemann, Sabine Wild

Silke Helmerdig, Stefanos Pavlakis, Jens Schünemann and Sabine Wild present photographs that are reinterpreted through manual interventions in the original material that are sometimes violent, sometimes tender: Helmerdig scratched into it, Schünemann crumpled it up, Pavlakis tore it apart, Wild interwove it. These interventions distort the immaculate images of the apparatus, taken from a distance and without physical contact. Each of the interpretations leaves behind visible traces that testify both to the artist’s involvement with the depicted subject and to the materiality of the photograph itself.