EMOP Special c/o Leipziger Str. 54
Leipziger Str. 54
10117 Berlin – Mitte
Free admission
EMOP Special c/o Leipziger Str. 54
Talk / Lecture
Artists in conversation with Prof. Wiebke Loeper

The University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, invites you to a talk with the artists of the Fachschule Potsdam on 22 MAR 2023 6pm at the exhibition Drängende Gegenwart (Urgent Present), which takes place in the context of EMOP Berlin 2023 at Leipziger Straße 54.

Drängende Gegenwart (Urgent Present
) is a collaborative exhibition of photography schools in Berlin and Potsdam. On the occasion of the EMOP Berlin2023, they’ve joined forces to show works by students who have been addressing the topic ‘Urgent Present’ throughout the past several semesters as part of an EMOP Berlin assignment.